Growing Up (is so weird)




I want everyone to be completely honest, and keep track of your score in your head (or on paper, that’s cool too) A point for every question you answer “yes” to. Ready? Go.

1) During middle school, did you feel that you weren’t good enough?

2) During early high school you tried to change your personality in some way, maybe small, maybe big, because you believed it would make you more “cool” or better liked.

3) At one time in your life you felt completely rejected by either your friends, family, teachers, or people in general.

4) Have you ruined a friendship by letting gossip get to you, or caving to peer pressure?

5) Jumped into a relationship too soon or too fast during 7th to 10th grade?

If you’re one of those brilliant people who came out with a perfect 0, I salute you. No seriously, you had the sense most of us didn’t. I’m a strong 4, and (thankfully) queen of the one-sided relationship I escaped number 5 unscathed.

The purpose of this little unscientific quiz is just to remind ourselves what clueless, lost and stupid kids we were a couple of years ago. I know this is true for myself, and with the exception of you perfect 0’s out there, I think most of you can admit it too. But look at yourself today.. see how much we’ve learned? It baffles me that through the complete chaos of emotions and regrets that shape our early teenage years most of us come out relatively well functioning “young adults.”

We’re told by society that we need to be perfect, and no matter how many Disney campaigns push “being yourself” the message still rings loud and clear to any twelve year old who picks up a fashion magazine or turns on the TV. “Better Skin in 2013” “Healthier Diet For The New You” “Sexy Toned Abs In 2 Months” “Wow Your Partner With New Moves” I mean, I know I feel so adequate watching Miss Universe (filthy lie). 

I guess this just leaves me wondering what kind of people our generation is creating. Will we make good parents? Will we care more about true happiness and relationships than material possessions? And in my personal opinion, will we draw closer to God as times get harder? I have no idea, but I sure hope the answer is yes to all of those.

Looking back at my middle school insecurity, freshman awkwardness, sophomore cluelessness (<– that is a word) i’m so thankful to have finally reached my junior year breakthrough. Somehow, through all the crazy trials life has thrown at us, and despite countless nights thinking we’ll never make it out alive (much less with our sanity) something amazing happened.

We grew up. 

And despite my previous Peter Pan philosophy, it feels pretty great.



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