Some Nights I Stay Up…

Missing someone is like being a little kid staring in the candy shop window, and knowing that no matter how hard to cry and whine, you can’t get it. 

But what do you do? Cry and whine. 

Because there’s still that faint childlike hope that somehow God will send an angel of compassion and grant your poor misunderstanding five year old soul that chocolate bar.

Or maybe bring your boyfriend back from Texas for a couple hours so you can talk about your day….you know, just a hypothetical situation. Pssh. 

What I want to know, is why does it suck so badly? You can convince yourself that it doesn’t matter, that it’s completely illogical to miss someone the way you do, but nothing changes. (Except maybe your denial, which just prolongs the problem and racks up hypnotherapy debt) 

I guess we’re really more emotional than we give each other credit for. And that we don’t understand the half of it. People we know we should hate we still love, people we love we have trouble committing to, or expressing our true feelings for, people who mean everything slip away and are replaced by people you consider replaceable. 

My great conclusion of the night is that brains are secretly working against us.

Matrix you guys.



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